Payment to the cashier of the bank

Payment by quittance

Pay for services of WinNER Base by quittance of VTB 24 bank

Throughout Russia and in Moscow:


In purpose of payment shall be shown your account number: 5 or 10 digits.

If you pay at other banks, the bank takes commission, the funds to your personal account will be credited after admission to our bank account.

At the same time necessarily need to send a receipt with the stamp of the bank by fax: (495) 921-30-69, or send an electronic copy of the receipt to the

Payment by quittance those printed from the program WinNER

  1. Run WinNER program;
  2. In the main menu, select Help -> Payment;
  3. Choose a bank that suits you;
  4. Fill in the Payer, Address of Payer Amount in quittance;
  5. Please, print the quittance.


  1. Take your quittance with the details of our organization in the department of VTB 24;
  2. Indicate in quittance 5-digit or 10-digit number of your personal account, name, passport details and the required amount of payment.

Connection service only after receipt of funds to the account.

If you pay by VTB 24, crediting funds to your personal account will be made within 1day after payment.

If you pay in Friday, crediting funds to your personal account will be made on Monday.

To avoid closure of access to the program ask you to fill up a personal account in time.

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