What is WinNER Base?

WinNER Base is the most complete base of proposals of the sale and rent of real estate: a secondary market and new buildings, flats and country houses; commercial and foreign real estate.

Offer list

  • Moscow and Moscow county real estate;
  • St-Petersburg and St-Petersburg county real estate;
  • Other Russian Federation regions;
  • Real estate abroad.

Information volume:

  • About 800 000 actual offers;
  • Up to 5000 new posts enter daily.

Information source:

  • The WinNER Base clients are real estate agency and privet real estate agents;
  • Direct suppliers;
  • Open sources are «From hand to hand», «Express Real estate and prices» etc.

Our advantages:

  • The most complele real estate objects base;
  • Unlimited making posts;
  • Extra publication of your posts on the largest subject websites;
  • Information update - 3 times a day;
  • Option to connect several PCs to the Base.

Who helps the WinNER Base?

Almost all real estate market professionals - privet real estate agents, appraisers, credit brokers in banks, construction and investment companies, as well as thousands of people who need help in searching or assessment of real estate property use the WinNER Base daily.

WinNER Base

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