Pay for WinNER Base services directly from balance of your mobile phone!

You can pay for WinNER Base services from personal account of your mobile phone Beeline, MegaPhone, MTS with application «Express payment by mobile» from QIWI-Purse.

Enter your mobile number and amount of payment. After that you receive SMS with request to confirm payment.

Make a bill in QIWI-Purse for pay WinNER Base's services

You can make a bill inQIWI-Pursefor pay WinNER Base’s services. For this you need to fill anonline form.

When you pay this bill inany way(by terminal, transfer etc.), the specified sum will be enlisted on your personal account in WinNER.

ByQIWI-Purseyou can pay for our services instantly and without the commission!

For this:
1. Create the order;
2. Choose payment method by Qiwi-Purse and enter number of your mobile phone;
3. Please, pay automatically created bill: by cash in QIWI terminals, onQIWI-Purse's siteor by apps for social networks andmobile phone and pad.

It is easyto fill upthe QIWI-Purse in QIWI terminals and partners, cellular shops, supermarkets, ATMs or Internet bank.

You can pay bill not only by account in QIWI-Purse, but by credit card, cash and from personal account of your mobile phone Beeline, MegaPhone, MTS.

If you haven’t QIWI-Purse you can register it ona siteQIWI.

The instruction on payment through QIWI-Purse

Cash payment through QIWI terminals

It is easy to find QIWI terminals with three big buttons on the monitor and a friendly bird of the QIWI.

QIWI terminals are established in step-by-step availability in any city or the settlement of Russia, work round the clock and accept payments for all daily services.

Payment through QIWI it is simple and clear: it is enough to press 3-5 buttons, to enter payment data, to grant the necessary sum and to receive the receipt on payment. Process of payment takes 2-3 minutes. The provider receives payment instantly. More than 60 % of Russians regularly use QIWI terminals since 2004.

Pay for services of WinNER Base is possible in any of 72 000 payment QIWI terminals across all Russia.

For this:

  • Choose in terminal point «Other services»:
  • Choose WinNER;
  • enter your personal account number (5-unit or 10-unit);
  • Make the sum with terminal’s procent, which is established by the owner of the terminal.

Payment by QIWI terminals is possible in other countries: Armenia, Belorussia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, China.

Money are enlisted on personal account of the subscriber instantly.

Attention: the sum for transfer should be not less than 100 RUR without percent.

At emergence of questions on operation of QIWI terminals you can call by phone of free support service QIWI 8 (800) 333-00-59. The detailed description look on a

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